Thursday, April, 15,2021


First India launched the poster of First India Face of the Year and even as we go to print, queries have started pouring in via social media for the beauty pageant. 

First India launched its new mega annual event- ‘First India Face of the Year 2021’ and ‘First India Teen Face of the Year’ on Saturday, April 3 in an amazing poster launch ceremony which was attended by not only just a selected who’s who of Jaipur but also a bevvy of beauties from Dubai, Mumbai and Delhi.

The magical evening was memorable not only for the sheer beauties moving around but also the buzz of excitement in the air as the announcements were made for the upcoming event, drawing oohs and aahs from all concerned. 

First India Face of the Year- an initiative by Jagdeesh Chandra is going to be one of the biggest events in the days to come, the idea is to give a platform to young girls from across India to not only feature as the glamorous faces on the pages of First India but also launch them in international competitions and talent hunts along with offering them opportunities in media, not to mention the whopping cash prizes for the winner, runners-up and finalists! 

Online registrations have already opened and it is only a matter of time before applications start pouring in; auditions will be held in the top 15 cities across India while online auditions will be held in all other major cities. Even as we go to print, our social media handles are filling up with queries from young girls across. 

After the unveiling, Jagdeesh Chandra welcomed the guests and informed that in the years to come, this will be one of the biggest annual beauty pageants of India and be a renowned credible platform that will provide opportunities to the youth in the field of fashion, glamour and media. Vibhishek Pal Singh, Dr Sudhir Sachdeva, Kriti Garg, Delbar Arya, Spandana Palli and Rehaa Khann graced the occasion.

Gaurav Gaur and Maulik of Elite Miss Rajasthan and Ashok Singh from Big Boss who are curating said that they are very excited to be part of this event and looking forward to the auditions. The finale will be held in Goa on August 28.

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