Saturday, June, 25,2022


As the fashion world is moving fast and luxury brands are increasingly turning towards more eco-friendly approaches, mushroom leather is emerging as the next big step in a sustainable fashion. Mushroom Leather has started dominating the fashion markets with its stylish looks and comfortable nature. But have you ever wondered what is this Mushroom Leather and how it is different from old and classic leather? Well, MycoWorks, a San Francisco-based biotechnology company, has been working on a mushroom leather alternative and is now ready to scale it up. Here is a quick knowledge for you, Mushroom Leather or MuSkin derives from a big parasite fungus, that is mostly found in trees of subtropical forests. It is formed by peeling the external layer of the Mushroom.

Though it looks and feels like suede and is sometimes called vegan leather or mushroom leather, in reality, it is not leather. It resembles leather and is quite environmentfriendly compared to the real skin of innocent animals. The current estimated price of mushroom leather lands at about $50 per square foot. This leather is strong, flexible and durable, just like traditional leathers. But has one additional and great waterproof feature. And since it’s made of natural fibres, it breathes and feels like leather. It costs about the same as high-end animal leather. Extra ordinary feature about this leather is that it’s just one wall thick in comparison to humans, who have five major layers of skin. That means it’s strong and has very interesting mechanical properties. It can also be grown into the shape you need using heat and light in a nutrient bath—much like kombucha. The energy and space needed to produce mushroom leather is also much lower. So if you want to revamp your wardrobe into something classic but ecofriendly then you can go for this sustainable fashion!

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