Saturday, October, 01,2022

Angdata Smarak

Today, on World Organ Donation day, City First decided to visit the Angdata Samarak in Jaipur. The Angdata Smarak was the initiative of the organization MOHAN Foundation Jaipur Citizen Forum which was inaugurated by Chief Minister of Rajasthan Ashok Gehlot on 27th November 2020 on the occasion of National Organ Donation Day. Angdata Smarak is India’s first Organ Donor Memorial Monument near Central Park, Prithvi Raj Road, Jaipur, which was a dream project of MFJCF. The Chairman MFJCF- Rajiv Arora dedicated the Organ Donor memorial to the memory of beloved Organ Donors of Rajasthan and it shall inspire people for the noble cause of Organ Donation.

The design of the Samark is inspired by the famous sculpture of Jaipur- ‘Jantar Mantar’. Angdata Smaarak is the epitome of love and compassion towards mankind and it stands tall as a mark of respect for those enlightened families who set an example by donating organs in the service of mankind and gave gift of life to the people who w’ere in need of organs. The Convener of MFJCF Bhawna Jagwani told that they pioneered the project of Organ Donation in the State and have been working for the noble cause for the last seven years this saving over 125 lives through the donated organs. Dalmia Cement has powered the monument which is designed by the Jaipur designer of National repute Samir Wheaton. The Smarak shall stand tall as a symbol of selfless Service to Mankind.

Ravi Kamra, a member of MFJCF told City First that the idea was born when Bhawna Jagwani, the Chief Convener of MFJCF, while moving around in the city, stopped at a red light and thought that if we can get a Circle or a Tiraha we can cultivate beautiful plants and flowers and name it as Angdata Circle to be a mark of respect and remembrance. It was a good idea of course and in the meeting all the volunteers and members agreed to the idea. MFJCF team got busy in getting all permissions and setting up a state of art sculpture. The Treasurer, Anil Bakshi pushed forward the pace keeping an eye on expenditures all around but as per Bhavna, the cause is such that people come forward on their own and good things take a life of their own! Meanwhile “Universe” brought in Sameer Wheatonthe Jaipur Designer & Architect of National repute. And he promised to do the honours without any commercial aspect. Sundeep Kumar who himself had a passion for Organ Donation managed the help of Dalmia Cement as the Sponsor of the concrete Statue. This was a Bajrang Bali stroke bringing Sanjiwani Booti.

In the words of Majrooh Sultanpuri
 “Akela hi chala tha janeb-e-manzil magar Log judte gye aur karwaan banta gya”

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