Friday, December, 02,2022

Amaal Mallik And Daboo Open Up On Flop Films

Sun Lo Zara’ a melodious song by MWM is out and has been receiving immense love and appreciation from the audience ever since its release. MWM backed by Amaal Mallik and Daboo Malik and sung by Vipin Aneja has Feel good factor that’s very rare in today’s song. In an exclusive conversation with Ashish Tiwari of First India, the crew shared their experience on working together. Vipin Aneja on working with Amaal and Daboo said, “My heart feels with gratitude and immense respect for the most down-to-earth fatherson duo. They have managed to maintain their lineage. This song is a milestone in my career journey.” Daboo who has been a director and the man behind MWM said, “I have been donning multiple hats for my company MWM music it’s because of Amaal. He always told me do what I want to do and don’t let anyone deter you in any way. He always trusted me. We are not a label we are a community to bring together good musicians singers and a complete team to bring about the best in music to showcase their talents. With the best of work now we are going to take the long run in the global market.”

Amaal Mallik opened up on being the backbone for his day, “My dad is my hero, I have seen his journey in both personal and professional front. As a young child, he inspired me to become a film composer, as music elevates a scene. All this is for my audience and fans but firstly it’s for my dad to full fill his unsaid dreams. We have a bro code in our father-son relationship” Speaking on their bond Daboo Added, “Today I can proudly call myself Amaal’s father he’s done 105 songs 90 of which are my personal favourite. I believe he’s managed to leave the imprint through his work that I was looking for.” Vipin Who has known them for years shared his bit on the industry insecurity, “When working with Amaal there’s a sense of security, I have seen him trusting him on the work we do. For me, Sun Lo Zara is a gift by them to me to nurture our bond.” Amaal Mallik also spoke on the ongoing competition in the industry he said, “We don’t have insecurity in us all the credit goes to our mother she has worked so hard on both of us. We have our parent’s blessings and at the same time we work extremely hard and we are obsessed with doing good music. At the same time if someone does good work I really like to promote it without any insecurity. Ultimately music should win” Amaal added,” In MWM is something where we want to create honest music and good music that touches hearts. We don’t want 400 million views on our videos but it should touch the heart.”

Speaking on the boycott culture they said, “ Audience is the king, we don’t know what’s the best for the movie. Audience during lockdown has heard many varieties of music so today’s music or movie isn’t relevant to the audience.” Daboo Malik on movies failing at the box office shared his experience and said, “A director needs to create a bond with the music director, in today’s time Bollywood h a s started treating composers like servants and the music won’t come from the heart. Amaal added “If the director, composer and the lyricist come together and create something without following trends the music will be loved and appreciated by the audience.”

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