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The best, although not the easiest, thing that any of us could do — be it going through the distressing pangs of the on-going COVID-19 scourge, or post-COVID-19 uncertainty — is making, not just attempting, a persistent and firm effort towards good, also optimal health and wellness.

Besides, we should listen attentively to our body signals and improve the quality and depth of our conscious attentiveness.

Put simply, we should learn to unlock ourselves from meaningless observations and apprehensions.

To realise this position isn’t easy, because we’ve to focus on our intuitive and intelligent mind with better judgment, foresight and sensitivity.

This holds the key to take us to a new plateau — and permit us to untangle ourselves from our ‘invented’ emotions and dispositions. It will also propel us to understand ourselves as spiritual beings — not just a corporeal body with a mind and soul.

The rest is pictured reality — when our sense of self-consciousness inflates, it ‘lifts’ us to a higher level of consciousness. Call it mindful, mystical, spiritual, or celestial, awareness — or, what you may.

Such awareness, or mindfulness, is the most persuasive therapeutic entity that exists within each of us. It supplements and drives every function and process of our body.

It ‘ups’ our normal healing processes with a gush of curative energy that directly influences every bit of illness.

This leads to nothing short of easing our anxieties and fear of illness — while signalling the swelling stimulus for our expanding spiritual consciousness that embraces everything in us.

This includes our thoughts, tissues, cells, or anything that you’d connect to — within us and outside of us. It mirrors our conviction too — not just a feeling, but a revelation that each of us has in full measure. For our own and also everyone’s good.

When you place them all — spiritual awareness, consciousness of being, the divine context, or mindfulness — in one hamper, they represent our whole conscious experience.

Of each of us being the personification of all our contemplative thoughts that take place in our mind vis-à-vis the self — including the ‘divine entity’ in us.

This appears simple on the surface; but, it is actually profound, also intense. This is because no matter the quantum of our life experiences, there are certain thought processes that are just fleeting.

They are also ephemeral; not abiding. It is only when we understand the steady state of our conscious awareness — our inner self — that our conscious responsiveness becomes enduring, also perceptible, as it were. This is not just spiritual unity, but also our ‘invisible’ connection with the divine.

We all need a relentless, long-term sense of awareness — this helps each of us to reach the most profound level of our unconscious self.

This is, of course, not as easy to achieve as it may sound. The reason being — what we knowingly experience, or appreciate, as the divine is clearly limited to our unconscious self, including the perimeter of our thoughts and feelings from deep within and from the inside out.

What is also significant is far beyond a specific point — we ought to surrender to the ‘divine in us’ to take the next step.

Once this happens, we rise above the monotonous and attain a lasting state of conscious awareness — one that is in complete sync with the cosmos, or the universe. Our subsequent progress is predictable. As the divine in us takes the initiative, it helps us to surmount most challenges of everyday life through our own conscious awareness.

The advent of such a state occurs through transformation — where the divine element expands. To know it from the inside out is not simple, because transformation does not illustrate itself in a form we’d, perhaps, understand. One possible, or useful, mode of knowing what is what, as it is, is through self-awareness. When the self gets enhanced and connects with the divine, you get a feeling that the divinised self is all there to feel and emote.

It is not that one should be clued-up to separate the chaff of the self from the divine grain, miss the plot, while surpassing the commonplace.

Well, if one were extremely receptive and humble to the point of being self-effacing, it would all appear like a ‘big leap’ forward for the ‘divine in us’ — a state of breathtakingly surging spiritual experience.

This is something you’d describe intensely and also just as articulately — as you’d want to — while breaking new ground and achieving a relaxed, harmonious state in the deep recesses of your mind, body and soul. 

(Wellness physician, independent researcher and author)

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