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Actor-filmmaker Ajay Devgn’s action thriller Bholaa is getting ready for its worldwide release on March 30. The much-awaited movie is inspired from the Tamil hit “Kaithi” which was directed by Lokesh Kangaraj and featured Karthi in the lead role but with “Bholaa”, Ajay Devgn is set to turn this into a franchise that will be completely different from Lokesh’s version.

In a chit-chat session with City First, the actor shared that he enjoys the process of work and cannot choose between acting or directing because it is all one. “I prepared myself more as a director and when a director prepares for a film he prepares for all the actors. In that process, the director prepared the actor well. Direction is just like a mirror when you have to keep an eye on every process and check whether everyone is going well or not.” The Mass Maharaja also shared that the film is inspired by the South Indian film “Kaithi” and not its remake, the Hindi story of this film, its characters and its plot are all new. The role of a police officer in Karthi was played by actor Sushil Kumar but Tabu is doing that role in Bholaa. Talking about the film being given the tag of an only action movie, Ajay Devgn said that no action film can work unless there is emotion in its story. It is also a completely emotional film.

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