Thursday, January, 27,2022


In a world of silhouettes ranging from silky satins to rugged russell cord, a stereotypical line of gender scrimmage occurs. While it is society’s conformed notion in which suits and blazers belong to men’s closets and scarves and sarees pertain in women’s wardrobes, the new generation is all against these notions. With the rise of social media and fashion evolving as a form of self-expression for many, the Gen-Z and millennial influencers along with global fashion icons are advocating for G e n d e r - F l u i d fashion or Genderless fashion. For the unversed, Genderfluid fashion is a kind of fashion statement that blurs the lines between masculine and feminine wardrobe making fashion, an element for all. Rimpy Popli, a fashion influencer shared how she sees genderfluid fashion and said, “Gender Fluid fashion is as simple as it sounds. It means fashion is for all and the idea of limiting gender to a piece of clothing is absurd. However, I’m glad that the millennials and Gen Z have been slowly accepting gender-fluid fashion and hence it is gaining some popularity thanks to fashion icons like Timothée Chalamet, Harry Styles, Sonam Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and Ayushmann Khurrana.” Tarun, a street style fashion minimalist said, “I am loving that the big brands are now focusing more on calling their pieces unisex instead of specifying them to a particular gender. I love getting my baggy trousers from the women section because they have more options to explore and fit the way I want them to fit and would love to see more of genderless fashion this year.” Anushka Khote, a fashion model shared her two cents and said, “I believe Gender Fluid Fashion is almost equivalent to Fashion for Freedom. For years and years, dressing in a certain way has been characterized based on gender and stereotyped as what is feminine and what is masculine. Netflix Show “Emily In Paris” depicting mostly French Fashion & Style, has a scene from the second s e a s o n where the main character hits the roads in a men’s jacket/ blazer making it a statement and that’s the influence of Genderfluid fashion.” Ameera Fatima, a social media influencer said, “Fashion is a place where people can be whosever they want to be and provides us with the freedom to express ourselves. Therefore, gender-fluid fashion promotes our generation to be more accepting of the idea that clothes are fundamentally genderless and often is self-fashioned or selfconstructed.”

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