Shruti Pareek, a rule - breaker, fashion luminary, and eternal icon of the supermodels believes in following her heart and passion and has imposed her majestic beauty on the catwalks of a lot of fashion houses, as well as participated in the Queen of Cosmos beauty pageant held recently, with a gentle strength.

When asked about herself, the beauty began by saying, “As an explorer and dauntless follower of my heart, I always stay happy and satiate. I’m a medical student and enjoy dancing a lot. Apart from this, I’m a black belt holder in Taekwondo. Having such a vast experience, I can affirmatively say that this has helped my confidence grow to a huge extent. As a girl myself, I focus on teaching young girls how to defend themselves.”

She further added, “My journey began as an underconfident anxious girl who was so afraid of stepping out. Earlier as a kid, I was even bullied for being physically weak. But I did not stop there, I decided to become the best version of myself. I fought a war with my low self-esteem and believed in myself which made me a part of such a prestigious pageant. I may not have won the queen of Cosmos Pageant but I’m already a winner who came so far fighting with the anxiety issues.

On her achievements, the young diva said, “I am a NSO gold medallist, Taekwondo gold medallist ( district, state), national-level player and have bagged the Miss India Glam RU also.

When asked about the challenges faced during her career, Pareek replied, “When I came up with the dream of being a taekwondo player I often received statements like “ladki ko ye sab shobha nhi deta”, but I believed in myself and my dreams and I finally made it to the Nationals.

When asked how she’d like to see herself a few years down the line, Shruti said, “I see myself to be a confident woman of substance just like my mom, who is an ideal example for me.”

When asked about what message she’d like to give to the coming generation, the beauty said, “For me it’s always about the confidence you carry.

Failures are stepping stones to success. One should believe in themselves and never be bothered about what the society says, be the better version of yourself, fight for your rights and win one day at a time.”

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