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A person, in general, should have enough self-confidence that no one can shake, believed by the exquisite beauty Sheena Parashar, who shares her journey in a tête-à-tête with City First.

A model should be bold enough to say NO to situations where she feels she’s not okay. She needs to be fierce but very grounded at the same time and second runnerup of Elite Miss Rajasthan, Sheena Parashar proved this right. The diva was born in Ajmer and pursuing Masters in English Literature and Psychology. While sharing insights about her journey the diva said, “I am a passionate soul and I believe that having leadership quality is important in this field. Since the time I started understanding what a fashion model is, I always knew that this is something I want to do in my life. I’ve always felt a special connection with fashion since my childhood and the day when I finally understood what modelling is, it was then I decided that this is something I have done. Initially, I thought modelling is all about the Rampwalk as a child then gradually I came to know the different types and aspects of modelling.

Yet Ramp modelling remains my top favourite among the rest of the types of modelling. The various aspects of this field like social life, exposure, your own identity, travelling, and the glamorous life all of it directly matched my personality. However, there’s something that made me the model I always wanted to be Or kinda my inspiration is those Victoria’s Secret models and F-TV fashion models that I used to watch on my TV when I was a child who was just figuring out about this field. Those international models made a huge impact on my mind, their style of walking, their height, their body, their attitude, their poses and the way they carry themselves, I made sure to not let any stone unturned in learning about modelling. I used to observe these models with utter seriousness and passion and I used to practice in my house with music and imitate their walk in front of the mirror. I’ve learned everything by observing and I’ve created my style now.

I’m still growing and learning as a model and I aspire to reach those heights and international platforms which inspired me to choose this career.

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