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The 'feel good' places beyond pink of pink city

Jaipur: India's Pink City offers much more to witness than its historical grandeur and pink-rusted buildings. The city is home to the most beautiful locations that will give you a sense of calm and serene that you've always dreamt while being on a vacation.
Whether you want to stroll through the busy streets of the main fortess city or chill watching a sunset on the decks of a beautiful lake, Jaipur has it all and much more.
While most people are familiar with the forts, museums, and extravagant markets of the city, we have curated a list of places that will vibe you to the "offbeat" of the city.

  • Chandlai Lake

As winters are approaching, Chandlai Lake becomes one of the best places to look out for in Jaipur as it is a haven to migratory birds. If you are a sucker for bird watching and exploring, you will love this lake. But at the same time, for people who just want to sit and admire the beautiful birds and nature while listening to music, there's no other place like Chandlai.

The lake is situated 2km away from the main Kota highway. 


  • Dumping Yard, Kishangarh

The marble slurry, spread all over the area, serves as the dumping yard for Asia's largest marble trading centre. The dumping yard, which is also known as "Moonland" is located in Kishangarh, which is approximately 90 kilometres away from Jaipur center. One can visit the dumping yard to enjoy the ‘snow’ of Rajasthan. The location also serves as a great place for taking scenic photographs and videos.

One can also enjoy expansive rides with cars and motorcycles which can go all the way to the top of the hill.


  • Rusirani Village

There is nothing like knowing the culture. If you want to detach yourself from technology and live amid the aura of Rajasthani culture, then you must visit Rusirani village.

The village, located at a distance of 90 kilometres from the Pink City is nestled amidst the Aravali range near Sariska. And as the village is cuckolded in the basin of hills, it is isolated, even from other small neighbouring villages.

The village is 2000 years old with a close-knit warm community and untouched heritage.


  • Sisodiya Rani ka Bagh

10 kilometres from Jaipur, on Jaipur-Agra highway, the palace garden, 'Sisodiya Rani ka Bagh' is the largest of all gardens in Jaipur.

Apart from the green and floral beds covering the garden, one can also find shrines, pavilions, fountains, and murals. The multi-layered garden is also famous for its stroll of peacocks prowling round the garden every now and then. The garden is open all days of week from 8 AM to 5 PM.


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