Thursday, January, 27,2022

Surprising Shreet

Competing with the gorgeous beauties from all over the nation wasn’t an easy task but Shreet Chande hailing from Mumbai had the charm and confidence to beat all the odds.

As one of the finalists of First Miss India 2021, she earned a chance to groom and grow in the path of modelling. In an exclusive conversation with City First, Shreet shared, “I always wanted to become a model, the first thought of it came to me when I was twelve.

We weren’t allowed to watch TV or anything fancy where women displayed more skin. The more I was kept away from it, the more keenly interested I became.”

The dive had it clear in her mind that she would always be a model, as she prepares herself for the near future, she sees herself as a budding actress and she works hard to make a mark in the industry.

Shreet is also fond of animals and wishes to open an NGO especially for the ones who are illtreated. She also considers herself as a businesswoman because of her time management skills as well as dynamic attitude.

Talking about her inspiration, “I would say that I get inspired from failures.

It teaches me what had gone wrong in the past and further tells me what other changes I may do to make it better.” Shreet might be someone else for her friends and family but where there is a camera she changes her avatar and follows her heart and let it guide her.

  • Surprising Shreet
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