Sunday, October, 17,2021

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Spaces in Spaces

A photography exhibition called ‘Spaces in Spaces’ has been organised in Jaipur’s creative couture, Jawahar Kala Kendra. Exhibiting as many as 46 photographs, ‘Spaces in Spaces’ focuses on JKK’s limitless richness of spaces.

The photographers behind the exhibition revel in JKK as a space that welcomes them and gives them the productive and creative push toward their photography. 

It is a combined effort of 7 photographers who call themselves ‘Kathago’. In their most unique and unorthodox ways, Kathago brings every day of JKK to life in their frames.

“Time and space define our experience of the world. Human life at any given moment is the product of the complex interplay of time and space. JKK is one such space that holds countless spaces within its architectural space.

Our photography exhibition focuses on JKK’s limitless fecundity of spaces. With our frames we have attempted to capture and un capture simultaneity of spaces,” said one of the Kathago lensmen.

The exhibition that began on September 20, will go on till September 27 in JKK’s Surekh and Sukriti gallery.

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