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Rajshree is known for directing movies like Aisha (featuring Sonam Kapoor, Abhay Deol, etc.) and Chaurahen (Soha Ali Khan, Zeenat Aman, etc) The first season of Potluck received positive reviews from both audiences and critics.

Tell us something about yourself, we need to know more about the director Rajashree Ojha

I come from Kolkata, and after completing 12th grade, I decided to pursue my undergraduate studies in computer science in America. Though my true passion was in filmmaking, I was hesitant to tell my father during that time in 1994. Despite my uncertainty about the field, I delved into coding and completed my degree. I embarked on a dual journey of pursuing my interests in both computer science and filmmaking.

Soon after, I received admission into the American Institute of my choice to pursue my master's. During this time, I created a film Bager that received positive feedback and was even submitted to the e-film festival. Upon showing this to my father, I felt motivated to pursue my true passion for filmmaking. I returned to India and completed a 2-year program in film direction, during which I received the Best Director Award in 2000. With numerous accolades and a newfound confidence, I felt ready to take on the world of filmmaking. So that is how my journey started and then I made Chaurahen and then Aisha although Aisha was released first.

What’s different from the previous season?

Season 1 was a Biobubble shoot while S-2 was a regular shoot, the difference is you get a little bit more freedom, you open up, show a little bit more, you go to different locations, and you have other actors who are coming in and enjoying. It is like a family, so yeah that's the difference I think.

Your series represents contemporary urban family drama. What kind of feedback do you get from the audience who find your story relatable?

I find the most common one is - we loved it. I recently got feedback.
We loved it. It was so much fun. I understood what Pramila was going through and her transition. We understood what she was in her journey. This was the last feedback I got. I also got a lot of feedback. This is so good. This is so good. The journey was very fantastic.

After Covid, many films and series are dropping on OTT every weekend, providing series lovers with many choices, due to which sometimes a great show gets lost amid the other hyped shows. How did you manage to cope with this situation?

Well, there is lots of content everywhere, not only in series. You just have to do the good work and after a while just hope for the best.

I think good work finds its path and audience. So if one person is just sitting and saying, hey, let me watch something, and right there it comes Potluck. And he likes it, and then he kind of recommends someone else. That's how a good show continues. And Potluck is a show not like going out of style because it is a show that you can watch anytime.

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