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Pradhan Sevak’s Impeccable 9 yrs of Service

Read these 9 potent stories on 9 powerful facets of NaMo’s governance of his 9 years in the role of the country’s Pradhan Sevak. These 9 transformational ideas have been the defining aspects of Modi’s promise that he will create an enabling environment through “minimum government, maximum governance”

Long Term Vision - Anurag Thakur, Union Minister

PM Modi is futuristic. If he speaks about Amrit Kaal, he talks about it from a perspective that covers the coming century. If he talks about an India that is developed, he also refers to the illustrious and noble past of our country that has made our country what it is!

Atmanirbhar Bharat - Baba Kalyani, Industrialist

The Honourable PM has been pretty clear about the whole thought process behind Atmanirbhar Bharat and what he wants it to look like. He wants Indian products for the Indian forces. On the 15th of August, there is this iconic 21-gun salute. All these years it was being done by the British-made 25 pounder gun. This time, he said “No, we have to have an Indian gun to make them to do it!” And we did that. He made it happen.

Ease of Living - Kiran Ghai, BJP leader, Bihar

I happened to meet a homemaker in Patna, named Prabha. I got into a conversation with her and asked her “So whom are you going to vote for in the upcoming elections?” She replied “I will vote for Modiji!” I asked her again “Why are you going to vote for Modiji?” Prabha said “Didi, my ancestors, my grandparents, parents all are dead and gone and they died in darkness. Today, I have light in my house. I have electricity. Not just this, Modiji has also given us the gas connection. Like my grandmother and mother, I don’t have to choke cooking on the chulha either. This is why I will vote for Modiji!”

National Security - General Manoj Mukund Naravane, Former Indian Army Chief

We carried out surgical strikes, not once but on a number of occasions. In the East, we did it on the IndoMyanmar border, we did in Pakistan on both land and in air, so while the capability to carry out these actions always existed with us, we were not getting the political go-ahead, the green signal to actually do something like that. So what has changed now is that the will is there to demonstrate to the world and to our neighbours that not only do we have the capability, we have the will to execute and translate that capability into action.

Against Freebies - NK Singh, Chairperson, 15th Finance Commission

Once I had been appointed Chairperson of Finance Commission and we were in the middle of a conversation. A question cropped up and it was regarding freebies. Of late freebies has been a hot topic of discussion. He believes in fiscal laxity and is steadfast on fiscal rectitude. If today our macro-economic stability is strong with low current account deficits, large fund investments coming in, feisty deficits and debt in spite of the pandemic, it is because of his vision. Modiji never allowed public exchequer to be used in a manner where debt would become unserviceable.

Thrust on Infrastructure - Devendra Fadnavis, Deputy CM, Maharashtra

His thoughts about infra are exceedingly transformative, especially when you consider the strategy of retrofi tting that he introduced into the vision for smart city planning. This has brought in practicality and the point to remember is that, cities don’t become good cities only through building of roads. Modiji told all of us that what we also need are clean toilets and robust management of solid and liquid waste. Today most cities are performing exceedingly well under the Swachh Bharat Yojana and making a marked contribution in the management of solid and liquid waste. All these works are because of Modiji’s vision.

Against VIP Culture - Arjun Ram Meghwal, Union Minister

When you move around in a car with lal batti, your status defi nitely appears to be distinct from the rest of the people. Modiji abolished this practice completely in one fell swoop. He said “We are ordinary people. I am the Pradhan Sevak. All of us are here to serve the people. We are not VIPs.”

Corruption-free governance - Uday Mahurkar, Central Information Commissioner

If there is one leader who has tried to remove the middlemen culture, corruption at higher as well as lower levels in the last 75 years, it is Prime Minister Modi. If bureaucrats are honest, no one can bribe them. He made this the principle of his governance as soon as he took over.

Digital India - Dr RS Sharma, CEO, National Health Authority

We said to Modiji that as part of Digital India initiative, we will club a few projects. He said “No, not at all. All this won’t work. Think about how we wish to create a Digital India without taking money into consideration.” He wanted us to create a digitally powered, knowledge society and this is what we call high thinking. He is a leader who thinks big and has the vision to transform society in a big way.


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