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Returning to the silver screen with a contemporary, relatable and engaging story, Shamita Shetty is gearing up for her next movie, 'The Tenant'. The movie offers a realistic perspective of a single woman engulfed by the harsh realities of society. Talking exclusively to Ashish Tiwari of First India News the actress spoke about the film her life and more.

Sharing her excitement on the movie's release she said, “We have waited for almost four years for the movies to hit the screens and now finally it’s happening I cannot be happier. The characters and the narrative of the film are very real and relatable at the same time. When people especially women would watch they will be able to relate to the moments and story of the film.”

The diva further added, “Today single women are judged on every aspect and day to day basis Tenant Depicts the plight and struggles of a single woman in society the movie is a reflection of the society from a modern, independent, single woman's perspective, with experiences and learnings every woman in India has been subjected to at some point of her life. The compelling backdrop and sensitivity as well as the realistic narrative of the film connected with me, prompting me to instantly agree to do the film. I truly believe, every woman and the people around her would deeply resonate with the story, offering a deeper insight into the disturbing, prevailing realities of the society we live in today!"

Speaking on being compared with elder sister Shilpa she said, “There have been constant comparisons between me and Shilpa over the years but I believe Two people can never be similar so I don’t focus on the negatives.” Shamita Shetty was last seen in Biggboss 15. The actress has gone through a rather turbulent phase where she fell, stood up, and is finally coming out of oblivion, at least professionally.

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