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The narrators share that Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji’s support goes beyond mere political calculations; it is not motivated by personal gain but by a genuine sense of belonging and connection. He considers all people as his own. His gestures of respect, such as seating others close to him and engaging with them personally and lots more...

India has prospered manifold in the last 10 years under PM Modi - Asha Bhosle, Singer

Legendary singer Asha Bhosle reminisces about the warmth and intimacy she shared with Narendra Modi for several years, dating back to his time as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. She fondly recounts numerous heartfelt anecdotes about her interactions with him.

Recalling their first meeting, Asha Bhosle remembers when Modi, then the Chief Minister of Gujarat, greeted her on stage during a function in Mumbai with the words, ‘Didi, how are you?’

“His affectionate and respectful address as ‘sister’ made me feel as though he were my younger brother.” In return, Bhosle sang a Gujarati song for Modi, which brought immense joy to him. “As he departed, he once again respectfully folded his hands and said, ‘Didi, I am leaving. Will see you later’.”

Bhosle recalls their subsequent meeting in Pune, along with her family. “My grandson, who was ten years old at the time, exclaimed ‘Landslide victory!’ upon seeing Narendra Modi. In response, Modi remarked, ‘God speaks through the mouths of children.’ It was a wonderful encounter,” reminisces Asha Bhosle.

“Almost 10 years later, at another event, my granddaughter was seated near Modi. She asked if he remembered her. Modi instantly replied, ‘Once I meet someone, I never forget them,’ and inquired about her brother. My granddaughter was utterly surprised, exclaiming how such a busy person could remember a small boy whom he had met once, almost a decade earlier,” recalls the singer.

Bhosle shares that she has kept in touch with Modi since their first meeting, occasionally calling to check on his well-being. “He always responds with a hearty laugh - ‘Majama che!’ (I’m fine).” She admires Modi’s ability to infuse humor, recite poems, and share jokes in his speeches without causing offense. Even in the face of harsh criticism, Modi simply laughs it off and says, ‘Yes, say as much as you want.’ “This is a great virtue,” acknowledges Asha Bhosle

Born in 1933, Asha Bhosle has witnessed India’s evolution from the British era to the present day. Having experienced the tenure of numerous Prime Ministers, she believes that India has significantly prospered under Modi’s leadership in the past decade.

PM MODI CARED FOR ME LIKE AN ELDER BROTHER - Bharturhari Mahtab, Ex-BJD leader and MP

It was about two years back when I suffered a stroke. I was undergoing tests on Friday, Saturday and on Sunday too and was being prescribed different medicines. On Monday, I was feeling very uncomfortable and I was having trouble breathing. So I went to Ram Manohar Lohia hospital and the same day, within a matter of an hour, the doctors performed a stent procedure on my heart. People had come to know of this and eventually PM Modi also came to know of this situation, as did the Speaker and other ministers and colleagues of mine. But the first person among all to call me and ask of my health was Narendra Modi. My son picked the call. Later he told me, Modi ji literally scolded him like the uncle in the family and complained how he or others in the family did not know of my health condition even as I was suffering for the last three days. This demonstrates the Prime Minister’s genuine affection and familial attachment with people’s concerns in times of ordeal. I will always remember the care the PM showed during those days of my suffering. Even today when I ask my son what Modi ji had actually told him, he amusingly says even my grandfather won’t admonish me the way he did, visibly concerned at your health condition and the possibility of a lapse in attention by the family in time. The way Modi ji supports us, it is beyond political calculations, it is not for any gain, but it is simply for the fact that he is our own and considers all people his very own. His affection is equal for everyone, beyond class or position. This makes him so special and dear to everyone.


I had once left National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and later when I came back into the fold, I was apprehensive that due to my action of leaving the alliance, I would be neglected in the party. The greatest doubt was if the Prime Minister Narendra Modi would give time or not. Surprisingly, when I requested an appointment with him, Modi ji called me to his residence for a chat and there was no one, except us two. On June 18, there was a big meeting of NDA, where everyone from the constituents was in attendance. My chair was on the stage to the left of the Prime Minister’s seat, while on the right it was that of Eknath Shinde ji. I was filled with pride at this gesture of respect because I was to sit closest to the Prime Minister and engage with him. Even when the 5- member reception team was formed to welcome the PM, my name was inducted along with Eknath Shinde ji and BJP National President JP Nadda. Later, during lunch time, the table was laid in such a way that the five of us had the privilege of taking our lunch with the Prime Minister himself. I realised that I was being given even more respect and love than before I left the alliance. There was no feeling of animosity, disrespect or neglect for my past action. My coming back was made to feel like my homecoming.


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