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NaMo played a key role in strengthening BJP in Haryana by investing time in training the karyakartas for success. His patience and persistence in grooming his army of party workers ensured that the party won elections in the state after 48 years. There is no doubt that even the fate of a rock can change, only if it is painstakingly and patiently carved out into a diamond. Modiji is special in the fact that he does not lose patience with people. He invests time, energy and focuses on the ordinary workers and is persistent in his efforts to make them shine out and deliver for the party. He gives his all to make people participate effectively and purposefully in the Sangathan as well as in the government. It will be jejune to believe that Modiji gets super karyakartas on a platter; rather he shapes party workers into effective karyakartas through conscientious efforts.

I was given the opportunity to be a Lok Sabha candidate from Ambala. I have distinct memory of the meeting Modiji convened in Sector 16, Panchkula. “How to win elections!” was the topic of discussion in the meeting and Modiji narrated an anecdote to inspire his listeners to win battles. The story went somewhat like this - Armies had launched a massive attack and one of them was moving ahead towards victory. When it was just 2 to 2.5 km away from winning, the soldiers encountered a huge chasm. The advance came to a halt. Just then, the army commander, appeared from behind and asked “Why have the armies come to a standstill?” The men told him that it was a deep chasm that had stopped them. Neither they nor their horses were capable of crossing that divide. And the hilltop into which they needed to dig their flag of victory was right across this deep opening in the earth. They said “Sir, the hilltop is within our view from here but we can’t reach there.” The battle had to be won, nevertheless. The commander then ordered the first few rows of the battalion to sacrifice their lives by jumping into the chasm and ordered the last few rows to crossover by going over the bodies of their brethren. That is how the battle was won and the flag of victory unfurled! Modiji then drew a comparison between the party workers and soldiers. He said that karyakartas are the army of the party. He used to inspire the party workers to devote themselves completely to the party, raised the morale of the workers and appealed to them to be ready to make sacrifices for the party so that no matter what the situation or challenge, the party emerged victorious.

Ever since he took over the reins of the party, BJP has made unprecedented foray in Haryana. The party strengthened and became powerful in the state. He ensured that massive work was done at the grassroots level under his stewardship. This work carved out the path of success for the party and the results since 2000 have proved it. It was after 48 years that the BJP formed the government in Haryana, not once but twice.

Thus, the seeds of these successes were sown by Modiji long before they flourished and blossomed into big wins in the state. Modiji’s leadership inspired the workers and the good work done under his guidance bore fruit.

Not just this, whenever Modiji would assume responsibility of an event or a program, he would ensure that every single detail of the event was clearly laid out. His meticulous planning and tenacious efforts always inevitably resulted in perfect events. For instance, when Advaniji took out a yatra in Haryana, it was as per Modiji’s planning. If it was someone else, Advaniji’s yatra could have easily taken the GT road as its primary route and proceeded to Kurukshetra. But Modiji instead planned to make Advaniji visit the famous, immortal banyan tree in Jyotisar under which Lord Krishna had imparted his teachings of the Gita to Arjuna more than 5000 years ago. In this way, Modiji renders a special touch to everything he does making all his programs unique and perfect!

Modi’s focus on neglected regions makes him dauntingly popular - ATUL BHATKHALKAR, BJP Leader, Maharashtra

In 2007, I was in Kutch for 20 days. Elections were on and Modiji was scheduled to address a public meeting in Bhuj. Now Kutch was never on the wishlist of politicians when it came to visits! It was one of the most neglected and ignored regions of Gujarat. And when Modiji started to deliver his speech, he began with the questions “How many Chief Ministers have visited Kutch in 5 years? How many times have they visited Kutch in 5 years?” People responded saying that the ministers had hardly visited once or twice. And then he asked “How many times has Narendra Modi visited Kutch in the last 5 years?” And there was a huge applause and people starting counting the numerous times Modiji had been to Kutch. He had visited Kutch at least 30 to 40 times during his tenure of 5 years as CM. The next question that Modiji posed to the crowd was this - “Do you agree I have the right to ask all of you to vote for me? Do I deserve to make this request to you all?” And there was a thunderous applause to this. It was a huge gathering and people raised both their hands in a display of support for Narendra Modi for his second tenure as CM. They, in fact, made it very clear to everyone who was watching, that no one other than Modi had the right to seek their votes because he was 1st CM who had taken care of them.


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