Sunday, March, 26,2023

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Sequins from the disco era are once again in style. As 2022 is already over, what’s a better way to bid goodbye to the old and welcome the new than with a stunning, eye-catching sequin dress? You may get the appearance you’re trying for, whether it’s sexy, charming, trendy, or fancy, by coordinating your sequin dress with fashionable shoes and accessories, regardless of whether you plan to wear it for holidays, special events, or hell, whenever you’d like. Many individuals hesitate to wear sequins out of concern that it would be too much, but when done correctly, you can dress it up or bring it down and accomplish the appearance and style you were going for.

Putting on sequins no matter if you’re wearing a sequin top, skirt, or even a long dress, accessories will dress up that style and assist you to reach your goals. Start with your favourite piece, whether it’s the sequin jacket or the flirty little cocktail dress, and then gradually add other items to complete the look. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, therefore adding too much “bling” or piling on too many accessories can ruin your appearance and pack on the pounds, making you look larger, especially in pictures.

For a more “relaxed” appearance for an evening happy hour or function, consider adding a fitting leather jacket to your sequin cocktail dress. In addition to toughening up the appearance and giving it a cool edge, a leather jacket may also tame down a sequin dress so that it can be worn casually. A pair of dramatic drop earrings will spice up and finish the style, giving you a more opulent appearance.

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