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Giloy and other Ayurvedic tips help to control diabetes

Giloy and other Ayurvedic tips help to control diabetes

Due to irregular routine and carelessness in diet, diseases like heart blockage, diabetes are being seen at an early age. Due to high-fat food, an oil used frequently, etc., the internal system of the body gets badly affected.

In diabetes, the pancreas gland stops working, which increases the sugar level in the body. In this case, it can be balanced by using the Ayurvedic medicine Giloy.

Apart from diabetes, Giloy is used in Ayurveda to remove many other physical defects. Let's know why diabetes occurs and how to use Giloy to prevent it.

Due to diabetes

There can be many reasons for having diabetes. There are many reasons for having type-2 diabetes in particular - such as stress, obesity and lifestyle irregularities, hereditary etc.

It is not that there is no management for diabetes, but once diabetes occurs, it cannot be cured again. But it can be balanced by catering and regular exercise. Some Ayurvedic remedies can also be adapted to control diabetes.

Adopt Giloy medicine in diabetes

Giloy is called Tinospora cordifolia in scientific language. The leaves of the Giloy plant help to keep blood sugar levels stable, which controls diabetes. This improves immunity.

The antioxidant elements present in its action to remove harmful substances from the body. Immunomodulatory properties are found in this herb, due to which the body's glycemic control remains.

Not only this, but it is also a natural anti-diabetic drug, which also reduces the desire to eat sugar. In addition, this Ayurvedic medicine also helps in increasing the production of beta cells of the pancreas.

For this, put powder or leaves of this herb in a glass of water and keep it. Sieve and drink it in the morning.

Use evergreen flowers

The use of evergreen is very helpful in the treatment of diabetes. It is also known as periwinkle. Its flowers and leaves are used as naturopathy for type-2 diabetes.

To use it, some of its leaves can be chewed or boil evergreen pink flowers in a cup of water. Then filter it and drinking it on an empty stomach daily will control sugar.

Vijayasar is an important medicine to control diabetes

Vijayasar is a very beneficial drug to control diabetes. The anti-hyperlipidemic properties present in this herb helps in lowering the levels of cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein and serum triglyceride in the body.

Apart from this, it also reduces the problems in diabetes, such as frequent urination, urinary irritation, etc. In addition, it also improves the digestive system. Vijayasara can be easily available.

Before using it, thrush Vijayasar in the water at night, then drink that water in the morning

The information is given in this article is based on general beliefs. does not confirm these. Contact the specialist concerned before implementing them.

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