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For cricket lovers, it’s time to cheer for the girls as the second season of the Women’s Premier League (WPL) kicks in. Following the resounding success of the inaugural season in 2023, the anticipation around the second edition of WPL is keen and palpable. The league has not only injected financial vitality into women’s cricket but has also elevated players to the status of household names. The cricketing spectacle is set to reach new heights as five teams compete for supremacy, with the Mumbai Indians eyeing a repeat of their victorious march in previous season.

This season introduces a change in venues, with matches being divided between Delhi and Bengaluru. The first half will unfold in Bengaluru, followed by the latter part in the national capital. Last year the matches in Mumbai marked a captivating debut for the WPL. The change in venues reflects league’s commitment to expanding the game’s footprint and providing a platform for young, aspiring female cricketers from various regions of the country.

Despite the success, there remains a noticeable gap between Indian domestic players and the world’s best who dominated WPL. Acknowledging this reality, Indian captain Harmanpreet rightly pointed out that lesser-known Indian players had limited roles and opportunities in the first season. However, experts foresee a positive long-term impact, with young and uncapped Indian players gaining invaluable experience by sharing the field and dressing rooms with global cricketing icons. This exposure is expected to foster growth, instilling a deeper understanding of what it takes to elevate their skills to international standards.

As the 2024 edition unfolds, Mumbai Indians emerge as strong contenders on paper, with Harmanpreet Kaur leading charge. However, challenges persist for other teams, such as Delhi Capitals lacking a backup for leg-spinner Poonam Yadav. Gujarat Giants face setbacks due to injuries to key players, including the withdrawal of Aussie star-pacer Lauren Cheatle ruled out this year due to her battle with cancer. Royal Challengers Bangalore grapple with personnel issues due to international calendar clashes, while U.P Warriorz aim to address bowling resource challenges.

In addition to improving the quality of cricket itself, the WPL’s success extends beyond as a major sporting venture. After the 2023 season, WPL has positioned itself as the secondmost lucrative women’s sports competition after US professional basketball. The tournament’s well-organized structure, widespread audience response, and impressive TV ratings have transformed the WPL into a festival celebrating women’s cricket. Sustaining this momentum is crucial for the league to become a true ‘game-changer’ for women’s cricket in the years ahead.

Drawing parallels with the Indian Men’s team’s ODI World Cup win in 2011, just three years after the inception of the IPL in 2008, cricket pundits believe that the IPL played a pivotal role in preparing Team India for high-pressure situations. The Indian Women’s team aspires for a similar impact, seeking to gain a competitive edge through WPL. The exposure provided by the league is seen as instrumental in unearthing fresh talent and mentally fortifying players for crucial knockout games in ICC championships.

While WPL is reshaping the landscape of women’s cricket on the playing field, it is also transforming the mindset of players. Unlike traditional domestic approaches, the league encourages autonomy among players who are empowered to set their own fields and formulate strategies, fostering a culture of independent thinking. Additionally, the introduction of Under-15 tournaments and the Under-19 T20 World Cup for women implies a commitment to develop talent from a young age and ensure a robust feeder system.

The impact of the WPL extends beyond the playing season, influencing players during off-season. Franchises conduct mid-year camps, scouting sessions, and personalized conditioning programs, showcasing a commitment to holistic development of players. Sourav Ganguly’s initial concerns about depth of talent in women’s cricket have been addressed, with uncapped Indians making waves in open auctions, underscoring progress women’s cricket is making in India.

The second edition of WPL began at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru on Friday with a glamorous opening ceremony featuring some of Bollywood’s top stars ranging from Shah Rukh Khan to Kartik Aaryan and Tiger Shroff. With defending champions Mumbai Indians facing Delhi Capitals, the runnersup in 2023, the cricket too got off to a sparkling start!

The WPL is more than just a tournament; it is a catalyst for change. Besides providing an invaluable platform for players to showcase their skills, the WPL is designed to foster an environment that encourages growth and development. It is set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of women’s cricket in India. As league continues to garner success, it not only empowers female cricketers but also contributes to breaking stereotypes and pushing the boundaries of what women can achieve in the world of sports. In times to come, fans and experts feel that WPL will be a force to be reckoned with just like IPL & its influence is bound to echo through cricketing corridors for years to come.


Siddhaarth Mahan The writer is a specialist on Sports and Cinema who works as an actor in the Hindi film industry

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