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Eat Well to Do Well in Your Exams

Source: Medindia

The word exam in itself sends people into a frenzy. Exams aren't just stressful for children but for their parents and caregivers as well. But how important is your diet before an exam? Good health is imperative for optimum performance before an exam. Food is not just a source of fuel, but for a comforting factor for many.

The Right Kind of Food

Some foods can cause gastritis, bloating, and discomfort, while some other ones cause sleepiness and lethargy. Taking the right type of food is imperative. Exams are a period of stress for any student irrespective of age, it doesn't matter if you are a child or you are appearing for your masters. It is important to plan, schedule and organize your food, just the same way you do for your exams. A good diet can help beat the stress. Good food can help you prepare well and beat the anxiety that comes with this exam period.

Breakfast can Make or Break your Exam

Exams are an inevitable part of every student's life and there is no way you can avoid them. Eating regular and healthy meals and snacks during the exam period will help you stay nourished. We've all been told how important breakfast is and missing breakfast can be a bad idea because long hours of fasting leads to drop in blood sugar level and this affects cognition and focus, which is basically the make or break of your exams.


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