Thursday, January, 27,2022


Economic growth has always been the niche target of the socio-economic agenda. The mechanics of this inconvenient truth is simple: higher economic activity tends to go hand in hand with additional social power. Therefore, power balance hanged for long on the cents minted by economic progress.

Although, through this quest energy and natural resource consumption went off the charts. This also led the climate to push its boundaries beyond its capacity.

It has been proposed that land temperatures are rising faster than before. Other natural resources such as water, clean air, and the never-ending list of products that the human race requires to sustain are getting closer to the red zone.

Climate change is an unavoidable consequence when the greenhouse effect is affected. With which the average temperature of the planet would not be suitable for living.

This increase in global temperature increase brings disastrous results from melting of the ice mass to vanishing some parts of the land altogether through the high rise of water.

Global warming quivers everyone’s food and water security. In many parts of the world, crops that have survived effortlessly for centuries are struggling to survive, making food stability more inadequate.

Disasters linked to climate and weather extremes have always been part of our Earth’s system.

But they are becoming more frequent and intense as the world warms. No continent is left untouched, with heatwaves, droughts, typhoons, and hurricanes causing mass destruction around the world, the climate issue is becoming more and more urgent.

If we reflect, humans have negatively influenced the natural climatic balance of and around the earth. From burning coal, gas, and cutting down trees to increasing livestock farming many factors contribute to this change.

In the past few years, European countries have experienced record heat waves that are unnatural to the climatic conditions.

Floods were also part of the trail. These are all signs that the capacity of our planet to fight back the imposed threats is decreasing with every passing day and soon we will run out of time.

These are all climate change indicators. We assume that the melting ice in the Arctic is way too far from us to throw its negative spell but what we fail to notice is how this melting ice, as a result of climate change is gradually contributing massively to the rising sea level that results further in floods in the part of the world where it is more unlikely to occur.

This is a real concern for those living in low-lying coastal areas. We are currently facing the worst-case scenario of the climate change emergency and its environmental deterioration effects.

The largescale measurements should be taken care of by the governmental institutions of the world to withhold this inevitable threat to the survival of the human race and other forms of life. At the same time, individual efforts should not be belittled while every step matters.

The youth of today’s world plays a crucial role in it as they are a vital segment of our society. They are the bystanders of the change and extinctions.

They are perhaps more aware than any other lot. Each one of them can help curtail global warming. We all make choices and if we make them more consciously we can influence the climate positively.

We can promote the youth to adhere to sustainable life practices which are environment friendly such as using a bike more, generating less waste, or maybe recouping the source of energy at home and to dwell more upon the solar energy.

However small these steps seem to be they are very mighty and can lead the unprecedented change and reverse the climate crisis.

The changes the young people will make in their lifestyle would contribute to the positive steering of climate change. A common problem, whose consequence everyone will bear, needs collective effort from everyone.

To achieve the profound reduction in greenhouse gas emissions required to cope with the climate crisis, the world therefore basically needs to ponder upon this inevitable disaster more determinedly.

On the one hand, we are worrying unremittingly, how our generation Z will cope with the struggles of life, on the other hand, we are letting the thought fall between the cracks of how the coming generations will survive with this speed of climate change.

We need to be more aware that this debate about climate is not theoretical, it’s very real and unfortunately more urgent than any other progressive docket.


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