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Perhaps no other fashion symbol is as divisive as the bow. Some ribbons suggest saccharine girlishness, while others suggest prim prep style, but the bow is a silhouette that conveys volumes of meaning and always elicits a strong response. The bow is a stylish clothing accessory. It is a very popular cap trimming. Bows enhance and lend charm to completed garments. Bows draw focus to the garment and give variation. The appeal of this embellishment has persisted, with bows adorning everything from dresses to shoe buckles this season. The bow, as a statement of femininity, is one of the most common fashion icons. Accessories, clothing, and shoes have already succumbed to the allure of this tiny object, which we have grown acclimated to seeing in inventive forms. Bows can be found everywhere. We’ll see perfectly knotted ribbons everywhere this season, from street style to ready-to-wear. Cottagecore and balletcore styles are on the increase, and everything ultrafeminine is taking over. There’s a reason why “tying something up in a bow” is a common phrase to indicate that something has been completed completely satisfactorily. Many items, including fashion, feel lacking without a bow on top. Ribbons and bows have long been popular as finishing touches in the fashion business.

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