Thursday, December, 02,2021

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Bhakti ki dhun

Dandiya night was organised for the First India family and Jagdeesh Chandra greeted everyone on the occasion of Navmi. He said we should enjoy this beautiful festive season and togetherness with our loved ones.

This time we are free from Corona, take all precautions and lose yourself in the bhakti and shraddha of Goddess Durga. 

The evening was imbued with the colours of bhakti as the girls swung and skipped to Dandiya special songs in the cool evening. With their dazzling smiles, sparkling lehengas and joyful faces, it seemed as if the stars had come down on earth.

Shweta Mishra and Kriti Garg led the girls in tandem with perfectly matched steps as laughter filled the evening.

Young beautiful girls matched their actions as they remembered the dandiya steps, girls from Miss Rajasthan, Elite Miss Rajasthan, First India and many others joined in. Gaurav Gaur, Maulik Shah, Ashok Singh, Akanksha Bhalla were also there. Nimisha Mishra also graced the evening. 

It is a time to reconnect after the hardships of corona which have left a mark on each one of us, let us shed our fears and be enticed into the joy and fun of Navratri and the festive season at our doorstep. 

More on City First tomorrow!

  • Bhakti ki dhun
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