Tuesday, July, 16,2024

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‘Workplace stress can be reduced by sports’

Jaipur: On Tuesday, Rajasthan Housing Board (RHB) Commissioner Pawan Arora attended the sports competition held in Jodhpur from December 17th-20th and felicitated Chief Engineer II G.S. Baghela with a momento for the successful organization of the competition, while extending his best wishes. The commissioner while honoring the coordinator of the committee in his chamber on Tuesday said that not only the stress in the workplace can be reduced by sports competitions but also extra energy can be developed for better work. He also emphasized conducting such competitions continuously. Arora said that the Board teams have an important contribution in the successful implementation of the schemes of the RHB. In such a way, by being associated with sports competitions, the board is continuously getting good results. He also urged more and more personnel to participate in the competitions.

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