Tuesday, September, 27,2022

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With vacant posts increasing, bureaucracy awaits IAS transfer list!

Jaipur: The important transfer list of senior IAS officers was not released even on the last working Friday of July. With this, no appointment could be made on the post of Finance Secretary (revenue) as the official sitting on the position - Suresh Gupta - retired on Friday. It was believed that a new transfer list would be issued with appointment on the post going vacant, but like its earlier ‘handling’ of affairs, where it would rather give ‘additional charge’ to overburdened officers, this time too, DoP followed the same path.

The DoP did not make any new appointment on the vacant post of Finance Secretary (Revenue) rather the Finance Department made arrangements to this effect at its own level and handed the additional charge of the post of Finance Secretary (Budget). With this, total 3 posts of IAS in Finance Department are lying vacant now. They are Finance Secretary (Revenue), Excise Commissioner and Deputy Secretary (Tax). As of now, no estimate can be drawn as to when will the much awaited transfer list of senior IAS will be issued

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