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Veenu Gupta surprises everyone with her foray in race for RERA Chairmanship!

Jaipur: The State bureaucracy was surprised on Wednesday, when news spread that ACS Veenu Gupta has joined in the race for the position of RERA Chairman. She applied for the position on the last day of application and almost at the last minute i.e. at 4:45 PM. Although, a three member selection committee under the chairmanship of a Judge of High Court will select the next Chairman, but knowledgeable sources reveal that Veenu Gupta has high chance of being selected.

Apart from the two retired IAS, Ravishankar Srivastava and Pawan Kumar Goyal, out of the total four applicants, there is a retired Chief Engineer of Rajasthan Housing Board as well. Among these, according to merit, the claim of PK Goyal is also considered to be strong. Prior to Nihal Chand Goyal becoming formal Chairman, as Principal Secretary of UDH, PK Goyal has served as RERA Chairman for six months.

Veenu Gupta, a 1987 batch senior IAS of ACS level, was also a front runner for the post of Chief Secretary till June 30. It was believed that the manner how her husband - former Chief Secretary DB Gupta - was reappointed by CM Gehlot and kept in loop with him and gave preference to Veenu in government work; she could be the next CS. But at the last moment with six months’ extension to Usha Sharma, Veenu Gupta’s chance of becoming CS came to an end, because there are only six months left to Veenu Gupta’s retirement. Interestingly, RERA Chairman’s tenure is of five years.

Now if Veenu gets selected, then she will have to leave the service. But when will the selection committee meet, it has not been decided as yet. Notably, a sitting judge of High Court acts as Chairman in the Committee while Principal Secretary UDH and Law Secretary are members.

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