Tuesday, September, 27,2022

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Unemployed create ruckus, ask ministers for due jobs

Jaipur: The unemployed NTT (Nursery Teachers Training) aspirants created a ruckus while demanding jobs at the PCC headquarters on Wednesday afternoon during the public hearing by Women and Child Development Minister Mamta Bhupesh and Transport Minister Brijendra Singh Ola.

Unhappy with the lack of appointments, the unemployed of 2018 NTT recruitment were demanding to complete the recruitment process immediately. They also clashed with the police and the Congress workers. Later, the police drove them out of the headquarters. Mamta Bhupesh cited legal hurdles. She said that out of 1350 NTT recruitments, 850 have been appointed. Some people went to the court due to which the appointments of the remaining candidates got stuck. “The lawyer of the department is also advocating in the court, as soon as the decision comes, the eligible candidates will be appointed,” she said. “We have been struggling for the recruitment process since 2018. The department is doing injustice by not appointing us,” said one of the protestors.

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