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Transport dept to open DTO offices in 6 new dists

Jaipur: New District Transport Offices will be opened in six newly formed districts.
The Desert State has now fifty districts as the State government forming 17 new districts earlier this month.

New offices will be opened by various departments including the transport department.
The transport department will open DTO offices in six districts for which the transport minister Brijendra Ola has given approval.

The file has been moved to the finance department and after the permission, offices will be opened in Anupgarh, Deeg, Gangapur city, Khairthal, Neem ka Thana, and Sanchore which will provide ease to people in works related to the transport department.

Transport commissioner K L Swamy said that works like issuing driving licences, and registration of vehicles will be done in the new offices and people will not be required to travel long distances for such works.

With the opening of new offices in new districts, 100 new posts will be created and this will give more opportunities for promotion.

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