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Trains running full in festive season

Jaipur: The Northern Western Railways (NWR) are all set to witness a mad rush of people for the upcoming festival of ‘Deepawali’ and ‘Chhath Puja’ in November. The trains have been booked up to capacity while the reservation waiting has also gone much beyond 100. The railway administration is claiming to make additional arrangements seeing the rush to passengers, but still, many passengers are not able to secure a seat for them.

Compared to last year, the arrangements are inadequate to handle the rush. Last year, a dozen additional trains were run and around 150 coaches were increased. Notably, the railways has been going through a radical change for the last two years. All the major stations of NWR have been linked to the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme due to which construction work is going on on a large scale.

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