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Tourist exploitation in Ranthambore: officials accused, report concealed

Jaipur: When will the Forest Department roar against those who are making moolahs in Ranthambore? The investigation report handed over three months ago has been buried in Aranya Bhavan. Despite the investigation report being submitted three months ago, guilty officers are being protected and the investigation report is not being made public.

During the Tiger Safari in Ranthambore, many irregularities were found in which huge amount of money was collected from the tourists by wrongly booking the tourist vehicles in the name of VIP quota. The investigation of the case was handed over to PCCF-HOFF Munish Garg in August, but neither the investigation report was made public nor any action was taken against the guilty officers. The role of the then field director of Ranthambore, Sedu Ram Yadav, was also investigated.

On March 11, 2023, Deepak Dadoria, Vice Chairman of Rajasthan State Safai Karmachari Commission, had called the then FD Sedu Ram Yadav and asked him to provide a gypsy in VIP quota for his acquaintances. Yadav refused to provide a gypsy citing that quota was full. When the concerned tourists reached the booking window at Shilpgram, staff asked the tourists to go on safari in a canter. On this the tourists refused to go for safari in canter.

The tourists had to pay Rs 49K and 18 percent GST in the end. At that time the total cost of going on a safari by a gypsy was only around Rs 7830. Dandoria complained about the whole matter to the CM’s Office, after which orders for investigation were issued. Also, the responsibility of investigation was handed over to P. Kathirvel, the current CCF of Ranthambore Tiger Reserve.

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