Wednesday, April, 17,2024

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Jaipur: The political controversy over the red diary has intensified in the state. After the Prime Minister’s attack, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot gave a statement for the first time on the red diary issue during a beneficiary conference organized at the CMR on Thursday. CM Ashok Gehlot hit back at Prime Minister and the BJP, terming the Lal Diary as a myth and said, “The red diary is nothing, it is imaginary.”

CM Gehlot said, “I have heard that the PM has passed remarks on the red diary issue in Sikar. Now tell me, the post of Prime Minister has great dignity. They have Income Tax, ED, CBI, which have been misused fiercely. Can’t they get the information? The diaries that were deliberately created. We were together in the cabinet, they were made pawns and 50-60 diaries were waved in the assembly. On Wednesday, I heard that diaries were also waved in the Parliament. So is Modi ji and his party so nervous that now they are making random allegations in a frenzy. And then the Prime Minister brought the red diary.”

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