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Jaipur: Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot has played a masterstroke in the election year by announcing waiving charges for the first 100 units of electricity for all households irrespective of their total consumption per month.

By doing this, he has balanced the politics which was being heated up by the opposition over the issue of fuel surcharge. With this announcement, Gehlot has also given a message of ‘save electricity’.

The first 100 units of electricity will be given free of cost to families who consume over 100 units per month. That is, no matter how much the bill comes, they will not have to pay any electricity charge for the first 100 units.

Those who consume electricity up to 200 units per month, the first 100 units will be free. Along with this, fixed charges, cess, fuel surcharge and all other charges for consumption up to 200 units will be waived.

Gehlot made the announcement on Wednesday night based on feedback received during inflation relief camps.
The bill of around 1.04 crore consumers who consume up to 100 electricity will be zero while 11 lakh consumers using upto 200 units will not have to pay other charges.

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