Sunday, June, 04,2023

Statements regarding virangana Manju Jat ‘false, rumours’, clarifies Dhariwal

Jaipur: Parliamentary Affairs Minister Shanti Kumar Dhariwal clarified on Thursday regarding his statement on March 13 related to war widow Manju Jat as false, misleading and a rumour. He said that he had just mentioned that Jat’s brother-in-law was already married.

Dhariwal said that the matter of kinship was said for Sundari Devi, which she herself said in an interview to a newspaper that it had been more than three years that she has been living with her brother-in-law, Vikram Singh. She said that she had two daughters and now there is a boy and a girl from Vikram.

After hearing the minister, Deputy Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathore said that they were not sitting in the House to discuss personal lives. He said that women are being raped and no matter what clarification the minister gives, he has insulted the war widows.

Meanwhile, BJP MLAs created a ruckus by questioning Dhariwal’s reference to Sundari Devi and his clarification on Manju Jat. Dhariwal reiterated that he did not even take the name of Manju Jat.

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