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State Vets on hunger strike for 34 days, 6 in Hosp so far

Jaipur: Veterinarians who saved the lives of lakhs of cows during the outbreak of the Lumpy disease are now on hunger strike. The main demand of the veterinarians, who have been agitating for the last 34 days, is that their pay scale should be at par with MBBS doctors and dentists.

Their Gandhian style movement has become the centre of discussion.
Generally, anti-government slogans are seen in any movement of employee unions. But in the movement of veterinarians, the scene is different.

The veterinarians protest while holding planks with written slogans like, ‘Jannayak Awaz Suno, Hamari Mange Puri Karo’, ‘Jannayak Ka Ho Farman, Sabhi Chikitsak Ho Ek Saman’.

The agitation has been peaceful and in a positive manner, but now the resentment among the veterinarians is now increasing.

During the agitation, the health of 6 veterinarians has deteriorated so far. These veterinarians have been admitted to SMS Hospital.

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