Wednesday, September, 27,2023

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State Govt to give 50% subsidy on agri tools

Jaipur: In a major step for farmers, the Rajasthan Government will give subsidy up to 50 per cent for the purchase of agricultural equipment. The State Government has earmarked Rs 250 crore for this. In the last four years, subsidy of Rs 91 crore was given by the Gehlot government. For drones, assistance of Rs 4 lakh will also be given.

The government has announced 12 missions in the budget. It is not the election year that the government has announced such provisions, but the government has been working for the welfare of the farmers for the last four year.

During farming, agricultural tools and equipment are required by farmers for works like plowing, sowing seeds, and harvesting crops. There are a variety of tools available in the market to make these hard-working tasks easier but it is not easy for every farmer to buy them.

Realising this problem of the farmers, the Gehlot government has launched the Rajasthan Agricultural Technical Mission under which farmers are being given subsidies for the purchase of agricultural equipment.

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