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State Cong likely to appoint 400 block presidents in 2023

Jaipur: The focus of Congress in the new year will be on organisational issues and assembly elections. The party is likely to appoint 400 block presidents. Also, other organisational appointments including that of district president may also be done in the new year.

As per the Udaipur declaration, priority will be given to youth and women in appointments.
Appointment of 34 district presidents is pending. Apart from it, 400 block Congress presidents are to be appointed. This time, mandal and division level presidents will also be appointed for the first time.

Before the ‘Hath Se Hath Jodo’ campaign starting from January 26, the PCC is planning to focus on organizational appointments.

This is the reason that the announcement of 400 new block presidents will be made before January 26, because the campaign will start from the block level only.

Women, youth, minorities and SC-ST will be given importance in the list of block presidents.
District presidents in 5 out 13, where the district presidents were appointed, will be changed.

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