Tuesday, June, 25,2024

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SMS College removes HoD after irregularities in exam

Jaipur: In the disarray caused in the practical examination of MD Anesthesia in SMS Medical College, the head of the department has been finally charged with action. After the news of First India, SMS Medical College administration relieved Anesthesia HOD Dr Shrifal Meena. Along with this, the services of another doctor on UTB were also terminated. In the post of Anesthesia, HOD Dr Sushil Bhati has been given a new responsibility. From July 1 to July 9, the practical examination of MD Anesthesia was proposed. Without sighting the rules, a doctor of a private hospital in Bengal and Delhi were given the responsibility as an examiner for the examination. Whereas, as per regulation, an examiner can only be appointed from the very medical university or medical college. At the time of the examination, when the senior doctors of SMS came to know about this, they refused to conduct the examination. In such a situation, the examination was cancelled in a hurry.

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