Friday, June, 21,2024

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Shubhashish Homes Group CEO Mohit Jaju applauds First India's On screen property Expo, Emphasizes the Role of Digital Advertising in Attracting Homebuyers

First India News has conducted the country’s first and so far the most unique experiment in the real estate sector. First India has launched a first of a kind On screen property show with the tagline ‘Ghar Ki Deal, Ghar Se’. Famous and trusted builders of Rajasthan participated in First India’s first on screen property show. Anchors Shweta Mishra Awasthi & Asif Khan interacted with builders, wherein, the builders answered many queries related to real estate market like where can a person get good returns in property and in which project can anyone invest and where your dream of owning a house can be fulfilled. All these questions, and more, were answered by reliable builders.

During this event Shubhashish Homes Group CEO, Mohit Jaju said "This is a very good experiment. For the first time, Property Expo is being held on TV. People looking to buy houses, look for facilities in proximity, which are available in Jaipur. They are influenced by digital advertising. We get good response on digital media."

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