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Share of outsiders in acquiring government jobs in Rajasthan is 1%

Jaipur: There is bad news for politicians who are dreaming of making ‘reservation for locals’ in government jobs an election issue in Assembly polls. The data collected by government shows that the share of candidates from outside states among those getting government jobs in Rajasthan is only about one percent. In the last five years, more than 50 MLAs from both ruling party & Opposition had strongly raised issue of determining the share of youth in govt jobs and it was also made a big issue politically. Politicians had prepared to capitalize on this issue in the current assembly polls. MLAs also wrote letters to state government for quota for local candidates and agitations were also organised at many places. However, the govt had clearly stated on this issue that the eligibility for state jobs is to be a citizen of India and the Constitution doesn’t allow any change in this.

Later, as pressure increased, govt collected data regarding share of candidates from other states in govt jobs in Raj, which stated that in recruitments done by RPSC since 2012 till now, 1.05 % appointments and in recruitments done by Staff Selection Board since 2014 till now, 90% appointments have been made by candidates hailing from states other than Raj. The share is very low.

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