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Secretariat to have new 5-storey hi-tech buildings

Jaipur: The plan for the construction of hitech buildings in the Secretariat as per the budget announcement of the CM has now been changed. The outline of this new plan has been prepared by the officials of the Personnel Department and the PWD Principal Secretary. Under this, the main building of DIPR is set to move out of the Secretariat premises, while a new building is proposed near the Saras canteen.

On May 23, 2022, CM Ashok Gehlot had announced the construction of a new 5-storey building by including the ground floor in view of the shortage of rooms in the Secretariat. A big auditorium in the building is also planned. The outline is ready and a detailed plan is being prepared.

Earlier, under Plan A, only the area from the Secretariat Employees Union’s canteen to the water tank was to be vacated, but now the planning of both the buildings is being implemented simultaneously and the CS is monitoring it every week.

The secretariat is now divided into four parts - Main Building, Food Building, SSO Building and Panchayati Raj Block. Besides, there are ministerial buildings and CMOs in the secretariat. Around 2,500 personnel sit in the main building. More than one thousand employees work in the food building. About 800 employees work in the SSO building, more than 300 personnel sit in Panchayati Raj block. But right now there is a shortage of rooms. Even the DS level officer is not allotted room in some departments. IAS officers who have been transferred several times also hardly gets a room. Besides, the main four blocks of the present buildings are old and rain water drips from the roofs. CM Ashok Gehlot announced a big building with an auditorium as the present one does not have.

However, if the archives building is demolished, there could be a problem as it has valuable documents related to the lands of the time of kings and emperors. The dispensary is in the archives building itself. It has crores of testing equipment and it would be problematic to shift them. Plan is to shift the dispensary near the reception. Besides, thousands of employees may be affected by including archives and other branches.

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