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Secretariat stares at cadre face-off

Jaipur: Once again a situation of conflict is coming to the fore between the two cadres who were the pillars of the working system in the Secretariat. The officers’ union’s efforts to separate the Personal Assistant/Personal Secy cadre have not succeeded and now it is adopting stance of agitation with an ultimatum.

Recently, there was a cadre reorganization in the Secretariat and the posts of PA/PS cadre were also increased separately. It was then expected that this cadre would be separated as per demand of officers’ union, but as it has not happened, there is disappointment. Under the banner of the Secretariat Forum, representatives of all the unions except the PA/PS union met and decided to take action by giving an ultimatum to the govt.

Earlier, the PA/PS union had termed the demand of the officers’ union as unreasonable, citing the fact that RAS and IAS also hold the posts of DS. On behalf of the Officers’ Association, it was said that when there was talk of complete restructuring of the Secretariat cadre and increasing the posts of PA/PS, the PA/PS class had agreed to the formula of a separate cadre.

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