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Jaipur: Principal Secretary Energy, Bhaskar A Sawant, has come up as an expert on Renewable Energy. He left a stamp of his knowledge regarding technical know-how and minute details at a conference in Jodhpur, which is being discussed across the bureaucratic realm. Sawant gave an impressive and exemplary 45-minute presentation on the ‘Promotion of Renewable Energy Generation.’ Secretary of Government of India’s MNRE, Bhupendra Bhalla, who took part in the conference was also impressed and patted Sawant’s back.

In this one-day conference, officials like the CMD of NTPC, half a dozen GoI officials, RERC Chairman BN Sharma, RREC Chairman Ashutosh AT Pednekar, Divisional Commissioners of Rajasthan, all Collectors and SPs of Rajasthan and a dozen developers of Energy Sector also participated.

Along with presenting the current station of renewable energy in Rajasthan, Bhaskar also informed the gathering that ‘for promotion of renewable energy, we not only invest in solar and wind but also smart meters and smart grid because this will help to use intermittent RE flexibly’. He also advocated that in transmission companies, investment in stat-comp, dynamic reactors, and other components is a must for promotion.

Sawant urged Secretary MNRE that Rajasthan deserved special help from the Centre to evacuate large amounts of RS. He also explained at length the importance of distributed generation and consumption. Since Collectors were participating, Sawant elaborated on financial impact on projects because of land issues.

It was also told in the conference that in the year 2024-25, Rajasthan has set a target of 30,000 megawatt RE generation and as of now, the state produces around 18,000 MW and thus is the premier state in the nation in RE generation. About 1.60 lakh hectares of land is available in western Rajasthan to set up Renewable Energy Plants. The World’s biggest solar capacity part of 2245 MW is established in Bhadla in Jodhpur.

Interestingly, Sawant has never been connected with energy and renewable energy in 28 years of his service and in September 2021, he has come to the Vidhyut Bhawan for the first time. He has not held the reins of Renewable Energy Corporation. But in spite of this, it is laudable and appreciable that in merely 16 months, Sawant has gathered so much knowledge about the renewable energy sector.

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