Sunday, June, 23,2024

"Sain Samaj Celebrates Grand Phagotsav in Jaipur; Renowned Speakers and Cultural Performances Mark the Occasion

The prestigious Phagotsav organized by Sain Samaj Shiv Hanuman Seva and Vikas Samiti in Jaipur commenced with great fervor. Held at Sain Seva Sadan on Delhi Bypass Road, the event saw a spectacular gathering of devotees thronging to the revered Sain Maharaj Shiv Hanuman Temple.

Noteworthy speakers, including renowned storyteller Shri Kailash Sain Gothdiya, Manju Sain Bilod, Rama Devi, Sumitra Devi, Rukmani Devi, and Draupadi Devi, captivated the audience with devotional hymns and bhajans dedicated to Radha Krishna, creating an atmosphere of joyous and spiritual celebration.

The event witnessed a massive turnout of Sain Samaj members, who joyously adorned Thakur Ji with vibrant colors as part of the Gulal Arpan ritual. Additionally, special guests, prominent social worker and Bhamashah Sanjay Sain Bhankrota, State BJP Women's Minister Vartika Sain, and Temple Trust Secretary Jagdish Khawas, were welcomed with scarves and garlands.

The festival also marked the induction ceremony of the new executive committee of Sain Samaj Shiv Hanuman Seva and Vikas Samiti. The oath-taking ceremony was conducted with great enthusiasm in the presence of esteemed guests and society leaders.

Expressing gratitude to the assembled members, President Kaluram Sain Bhankrota acknowledged the overwhelming support and participation of the Sain community. The event concluded with a sense of communal unity and commitment to the welfare and privacy of the Sain Samaj.

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