Thursday, February, 29,2024

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Register at MRC to get 100 free electricity units: Sawant

Jaipur: For availing the 100 units of free electricity facility in the bill, the consumers will have to get the registration done at the Mehangai Relief Camps being held across the state. In a special conversation with First India, Principal Secretary (Energy) Bhaskar A Sawant detailed about the registration system.

So far, out of 1.25 crore consumers, around 83 lakhs have registered. The previous concession scheme has ended, while registration is necessary for the new one. In such cases, the full bill has come for the consumers who did not register at the MRCs.

Sawant also clarified that consumers will get relief from June itself. Those who will get the registered late, backlog amount will be adjusted in the upcoming bills.

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