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Jaipur: Echo of Hanuman Chalisa was heard in the assembly on Friday during the debate on Sanwaliyaji and Nathdwara Temple Amendment Bill. There was a heated argument between the WCD minister Mamta Bhupesh and the former minister Rajendra Rathore regarding definition of Hinduism.

When Dy LoP Rajendra Rathore accused the Congress of questioning the faith of Ram, WCD Minister Bhupesh raised slogans of Jai Siyaram in the House. Deputy LoP Rathore and Revenue Minister Ramlal Jat recited the Hanuman Chalisa

Amid the furore, Minister Bhupesh said to Rajendra Rathore, “At least speak on both the bills of Sanvaliyaji and Nathdwara temple, both are very important bills. It is expected from a learned person like you that at least speak on this. You have forgotten that point.”

Rathore said, “I go to visit Sanwalia Seth every year. I also go to Nathdwara. I am not an atheist like you.” Expressing objection to being called atheist, Mamta Bhupesh demanded that Rathore’s comment on her (being an atheist) should be deleted and questioned on what basis was she called an atheist. She said, “I have come with Mehandipur Balaji’s tilak applied on my forehead, how did you call me an atheist?” Later, the Chairman asked to expunge Rathore’s remarks from the House proceedings.

However, Rajendra Rathore quipped at Mamta Bhupesh and said that he apologizes for calling her an atheist. “Recite Hanuman Chalisa and I will agree.” After this, Rajendra Rathore recited some lines of Hanuman Chalisa. Meanwhile, Revenue Minister Ramlal Jat also stood up and started reciting Hanuman Chalisa.

Meanwhile, BD Kalla had an argument with BJP MLAs regarding the definition of religion and Hindu and Min Bhupesh raised slogans of Jai Siyaram.

During the debate on the bills, there was a tussle over the definition of the words Hindu and religion. BD Kalla questioned the opposition leaders to put forward the definition of Hindu. BJP MLA Vasudev Devnani said that one who has faith in Janmabhoomi Karmabhoomi is a Hindu, Hindu is a lifestyle. Minister BD Kalla countered this aspect and said that this definition is wrong.

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