Sunday, June, 23,2024

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Jaipur: The debate on the Budget started in the Assembly from Monday. Deputy LoP Rajendra Rathore said that Congress people were protesting on Sunday regarding Hindenburg. “Adani is the one who was given a single tender for coal. The costliest coal was purchased by flouting the Procurement Act. Because of Adani’s coal, every electricity consumer has to pay a surcharge of 7 paise per unit. You also have compulsions as funds have to be sent to AICC funds because of that this is happening,” he said.

Rathore said Adani was given 9000 bigha in Fatehpur in 2019, 25,000 bigha in 2020, 400 bigha in Jaisalmer in 2022. 75,000 bigha of land is lying pending cabinet approval, 74,000 bighas of land is pending with Revenue Minister

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