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Ram Lalla’s scientific Surya Tilak planned for Ram Navami

Jaipur: In a first a 4-minute long ‘Surya Tilak’ is planned for Ram Lalla in Ayodhya Ram Mandir. This is being planned for the occasion of Ram Navami, a day which is set to be celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm this year in Ayodhya following the inauguration of the Ram Mandir.

Several scientists from across India are making preparations for the grand ‘Surya Tilak’ of the Lord. Equipment needed for this event are also being installed inside the temple, sources said. A trial is also scheduled to be held soon, may happen anytime before April 17, the day Ram Navami festival is set to be celebrated across India.

Equipment for optomechanical system is being installed at the temple for the ‘surya tilak’. The circular ‘Surya Abhishek’ will cover the Lord’s forehead and the ‘tilak’ will measure 75 millimeter, said sources in the know of the event. The event will be held exactly at 12 noon, when the rays of the sun fall directly on the forehead of Ram Lalla’s idol. The rays will be falling on the idol for a full 4-minutes.

Scientists from Roorkee Central Building Research Institute have been deployed at the temple to make the event a grand success. On the advice of the scientists 2 mirrors and 1 lens have been installed on the ground floor of the temple. The sunlight will fall on the mirror installed on the third floor of the temple.

Explaining how exactly the ‘tilak’ will reflect on the forehead of the idol, scientists said that light falling on the 3 lenses will pass through the 2 mirrors and then fall on the last mirror on the ground floor. The rays reflected from it will form a ‘tilak’ on the forehead of ‘Ram Lalla’.

People in the temple town, including the officials of the Ram Mandir are really excited to witness this unique phenomenon. It is sure to pull crowds from near and far on the Ram Navami day, which is already a revered festival for Hindus.

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