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Rajasthan's first female bodybuilder, mother of 2, wins Gold at international competition

Jaipur: Rajasthan's first female bodybuilder Priya Singh Meghwal, who is also a mother of two has brought laurels to the country by winning a gold medal in the 39th International Women's Bodybuilding Competition held in Thailand.
While expressing her joy after winning the Golden Priya told ANI," I am very happy. I have contributed a little to my nation. I have won a gold medal as well as a PRO card". Hailing from Bikaner, a deeply conservative village, where brides have to wear veils in front of their inlaws throughout their life, Priya said, " I am facing challenges. when I am on the stage performing people taunt me when they see me in my sports outfit. But I am following my tradition as well. I have to wear sports outfit during my game".
"If people comment on my sports outfit, then it is not right," Priya said.
Priya said she holds her daughter responsible for her success.
"Everyone has to take care of her family. I would not have been here if I had not been blessed with a daughter. She took care of all my needs. I have to do 9 hours job as a gym trainer. It is difficult to get time for training. My Daughter managed everything for me. My daughter is behind my success," Priya added.
After winning the gold, Priya said her next target is to participate in Universiade(International multi-sports events) and the 2024 Olympics to be held in Paris, France.
On being asked about the state government providing any financial support to her, Priya said, "If Government provides any support, then I will welcome it. But they have not provided it yet. If they had provided I would have told the media. I will not stop if the government does not support me".
Priya further said that she has played in national championships and has been awarded twice at the international level. (ANI)

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