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Rajasthan has enormous potential, it will be growth engine of the nation, says Shekhawat

Union Jal Shakti Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat opens up to Managing Editor and CEO of First India News — Pawan Arora — regarding the prospects of BJP in the upcoming LS polls, how he is confident that BJP will create history by winning all 25 Parl seats of Raj for 3rd time, how Raj lagged behind in JJM, how BJP is making Raj driving force behind Modi’s ‘Viksit Bharat’ dream of making India developed nation by 2047. Excerpts..

Q. A new government has been formed and the cabinet has been formed. Chief Minister is conducting public hearings almost every day and along with CM, Chief Secretary is also working to bring a difference in the departments as well. According to you, how has been the ‘take off’ of the government?
 The people of Rajasthan have found relief since the current government took office, with decisive action taken against crime, corruption, and illegal activities like mining. Significant progress has been made in just two months, including arrests in paper leak cases and efforts to curb corruption. The government is dedicated to making Rajasthan a key player in national development, promising a brighter future ahead.

Q. How did you manage to solve the ERCP issue, which had got stuck for several years in a political quagmire, within merely seven hours?
 Despite facing numerous challenges and political obstacles, the ERCP has made significant progress. Initially conceived in 2017 under the Raje government, the project encountered objections from MP due to water-sharing issues.

Q. It is said that PM Modi has asked you to look into the Indo-Pak water sharing treaty and to get India its share of water from the treaty?
 It’s baffling to comprehend the rationale behind Prime Minister Pandit Nehru’s decision to sign the water sharing treaty with Pakistan. Despite India receiving only 18 percent of the total water, a fraction of its landmass, this decision epitomizes the Congress party’s legacy of neglecting India’s interests. While India retained control over the Ravi, Beas, and Satluj rivers, Pakistan gained access to the Jhelum, Chenab, and Indus rivers. Modi has pledged to safeguard India’s water resources, ensuring that every drop remains within Indian borders. This commitment will significantly benefit regions like Rajasthan, Punjab, and Haryana by securing their water supply.

Q. India was once considered among the fragile five economies of the world. But today the entire world is mesmerised by India’s growth trajectory. How has this change come about?
Running a government with honesty, providing corruption-free governance, and setting clear targets make remarkable achievements possible. During Atalji’s tenure, India ranked eleventh among the world’s strongest economies. However, despite a decade under an acclaimed economic expert as PM, we only advanced one spot. In contrast, under PM Modi’s leadership, India has risen to become one of the top five global economies. Recognized by global economic institutions, India is seen as a beacon of hope amidst global recession, thanks to PM Modi’s bold decisions and commitment to self-sufficiency.

Q. Is there any reconciliation between Ashok Gehlot and yourself considering that at one point the situation between you two had swelled till the defamation suit?
A. In democracy, personal enmity has no place. Despite political differences, respect for each other and national honor should prevail. Personal remarks and animosity have no merit. We must rise above such antics and work together for the nation’s progress. I initiated a conversation with Gehlot sahab to emphasize unity despite political affiliations.

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